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In recent days, the number of sporty bodies looking good at their body is increasing. As individuals become conscious, they start to eat better, spend more time on sports and look better with their bodies. Even sometimes this trend takes the form of a secret race that motivates people in the sports

halls. The most prominent feature in athlete’s bodies is undoubtedly the abdominal muscles. Now, how if we tell you that it is possible to create an abdominal muscle image with Hi Def, the advanced liposuction technique?

Who is eligible for this method?

Hi Def is a step beyond liposuction. With this method, it is applied with a special technique to make the muscles more apparent in the abdomen as well as the excess fat of the person disappears. Thus, the abdomen will not only be free from excess fats, the image that is called as baklava becomes

apparent. No doubt this method cannot be applied to everyone. For this method, the patient's abdominal muscles need to be active. It is very suitable for people who work in fitness or bodybuilding. It can be

applied in both women and men. Hi Def applied with Ultrasonic liposuction is often preferred for sports teachers to have a much more shaped, fit and muscular image. The most important detail to know is; not overweight persons but patients with sportive structure are appropriate for this method,

First 6 months is important in healing o fHi Def

We want the patient to wear a special corset during the recovery of the Hi Def technique applied with Ultrasonic liposuction. Because this corset will apply pressure to the skin, it is effective in much faster dissolution of edema. In addition, applying mild-pressed massages during the recovery period and paying attention to the diet also raises the success. You can start the exercises again on the dates that the physician considers appropriate. At first, exercises should be mostly based on cardio and fat burning.

Post-Hi-Def Nutrition

The basic principle is to try to reduce the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Normal calorie deists are suitable after hi-def, where muscles are preserved but fat tissue destruction is provided.

Back to sports life after Hi-Def

If the patient is feeling well, then the third day he can start workout by taking up the day and doing his own work. There's no early or late period for the patient who's holding his own pulse.