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With our team working with the highest science standards, you can get help with hair loss and treatments and find out your reasons for hair loss immediately. Hair loss may be due to genetic or hereditary reasons in both women and men. However, these losses may be due to some other reasons in addition to genetic and hereditary reasons. When making hair transplantation, your doctor should decide which method to use for this process, taking into consideration the type and cause of hair loss.

It is very important to make hair transplantation in a good and quality hair transplantation center by the experts and experienced people in the field. Although this process is not considered a serious operation, it is ultimately a surgical procedure. Therefore, adherence to health standards should be done in clean and hygienic environments. It is essential that this operation is conducted in Hair Transplantation Center providing these features by experienced and expertise specialists in the relevant operating rooms. It is a possibility that the person who is treated during this process is likely to be infected. For this reason, the team needs to consist of specialists and experienced individuals in the field.