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The face region loses its middle plump over time and loosens downward by taking a slope towards the chin. The production of collagen in the skin decreases over time, and the tight appearance of the skin changes to a loose and deformed state. In such cases, it is possible to carry the silhouette of the face to a younger, tense and vibrant point by performing a face lift surgery.

There's a simple way to understand whether you're eligible for face lift surgery. You take two hands against the mirror and lift your cheeks towards your temples, and you feel that this image is more tense and vibrant on your face. This process with your hands can provide you with a long lasting face lift surgery.

Face lift surgeries can be applied to the entire face or to the midface area only if necessary. The middle facial area begins from the eyelash deep, which is stretched below the edge of the mouth and ends on the inner nose, the outer side of ear. There is a fuller expression in mid face. This plumage

creates the fatty tissue, which is especially present in the cheekbones. Along with the years, the upper side of the midface area and fat tissue and the skin on it immediately hangs down. The essential hourglass appearance is broken. A tired, old expression is formed. We take advantage of the mid face lift process in this type of operations.

How is face lift operation performed?

With an incision made in the front and back of the ear in all face lift surgeries, the skin is stretched and put into a tight form. In the midface lift surgery, as in the lower eyelid aesthetics surgery is performed with an incision made from eyelash deep. Fat tissue stacked on the mouth corner is hung up again. The skin is lifted upward and the operation is performed by the lower eyelid aesthetic.

Face lift surgeries is an increasingly and frequently performed and preferred method due to its effect and successful results.