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Absence of nipple, deformity or asymmetry with other breast can cause discomfort in patients and therefore often require a plastic surgeon. Some of these problems can be repeated with different surgical methods of the nipple, which can be symmetrical to both breast head, or be solved with silicone prosthesis but nipples lost due to congenital or passed surgeries may be created with different surgery methods. But the symmetry with the opposite breast and how to create a size in the breast should be planned well before the procedure.

There are many methods defined for the reconstruction of the nipple and the surrounding dark color ring. But one of the most reliable ones is the local flap method. It is created by using existing tissues in the designated area of the breast under local anesthesia. In addition, you may need to get a patch from the groin or the opposite nipple area. The first week after the surgical procedure, the stitches are taken and the wound is healed in a short time. It usually looks quite natural like the original nipple.