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Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is very important to us. Breast cancer is a problem that lives on earth and can be seen in 1 out of 8 women throughout her entire life. Its frequency is increasing.

The reasons for this are thought to be changing life, social and economic conditions.Breast reconstruction after breast cancer

Breast cancer triggering and risk-enhancing causes;

• Smoking

• Weight, Obesity

• Stable (away from sports) life

• Genetic causes

• Alcohol

• Dirty weather conditions

• Hormone medication uses

• Exposure to radiation

• Late marriage and hence the late child birth

• Breast-feeding

Such causes increase the incidence of breast cancer.

For every woman faced with such a problem for whatever reason, this is a ''shock''. In order to cope with this new news, a certain amount of time is needed, although it varies according to the person.

In the face of such a development, it is necessary to maintain calmness and make the most accurate decisions. ''Guidelines'' are now available for breast cancer treatment worldwide. In other words, what to do in what stage is already known. It is necessary to start treatment with an experienced center that will apply these steps.

In some cancer stages, even if small surgeries are performed only when the distressed tissue is removed, there are also therapeutic methods in which all breast tissue is removed along with the underlying muscle and lymph tissue.