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We are getting a lot of questions and requests about breast lift. We wanted to share some important information with you about the questions that came to us. You can contact us if you have any

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Sometimes, due to youth, sometimes due advancing age or births, a number of deformations may occur in the image of the breast. It is possible to hide the flabbiness of this organ, which is of great importance to women, but it can lead to a variety of health problems in advanced situations.

The fat tissue in the breast can be decreased, the inside of the nozzle may be emptied s and it takes a downward form. And the nipple changes down. Normally, it should look slightly upward and outwards, while the direction first begins to show the opposite and then below.

Births and lactation are also effective in change of the breast shape. The growing and expanding breast tissue loosens after the lactation period. This further promotes the saggy state of the breast. It is possible to make a more aesthetic form with the dangling and deformed breast with ''Breast lift


Which process awaits the patient?

Breast lift surgery can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Silicone prosthesis application can also be added to the surgery according to requirement. The operation is done with a reverse T-

shaped incision made from the surrounding nipple and descending downward. If there is a slight deformity, this scar can only be in the form of a straight line. After the operation, the patient will be hospitalized for 1 day and discharged the following day. It is possible to return to work after a of 3-4 days rest at home. On the 10 th day stitches are taken and scars begin to heal. After about 1 month, the patient can continue all sports and social activities as she used to.