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Which regions can be injected with fat?

For example, traces of old age and lines in the face can be filled. The pit view can be corrected if exists. It can be used to give breasts a fuller image. If there is a skewed leg condition, it can be helped to lighten the distorted appearance by injecting the fat into the place where the physician deems

necessary. It can be used to correct the breakdown on the hands due to old age. In short, in plastic surgery today it is possible to take fats from the region you do not want and to use fats in the desired region.

Fat injection may be a viable option for patients who want breast augmentation but do not prefer breast prosthesis. These fats, which are to be injected into the breast tissue, will form wholeness with the breast and give it a fairly natural way.

Is fat injection permanent for life?

In the process of fat injection, persistence is often a question that leaves questions in the mind.


Many patients have a belief that the filling made from one's own fat will be permanent for life. Unfortunately it would not be true. The average 70% of the fat given to the region is dissolved by the body over time. However, the remaining 30% remain permanently in the region for a very long time. Process of fat injection process Fat injection can be combined with other aesthetic interventions in addition to the liposuction process in



Fats taken during Liposuction are injected from pre-determined inputs to the area deemed necessary after a special treatment is applied. The application is not painful and the inlet vents are completely closed and disappear without any traces. After fat injection, the full shape occurs after the edema disappears. This is a 10-day process on average. Fat injection, which uses one's own fat, gives a very natural and positive result after the recovery period. The process of fat injection is examined under 2 headings in the form of ''wide area fat injection” and 'small area fat injection' 

Operations performed on the face are called small area fat injections and the processing time lasts up to 30 minutes on average. With wide area applied to the whole body increases in proportion to the working area in fat injection.