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Loose model hair divided in the middle, wearing beret in all seasons, bandanas covering the ears...

These are the methods used to camouflage the ears of many people who have a prominent ear problem. The prominent ear is an aesthetic problem that can be quite uncomfortable with the person socially but the solution is also so easy. People who experience this problem from a small age refer to various methods to hide. However, it is possible with a simple and safe surgical intervention to save you from the hassle of hiding solution. This problem can be easily solved with traceless procedures made from the back of the ear to the cartilage and cartilage membrane.

What age is the right time?

Many people who have a prominent ear problem expect to be adults to solve it. Ear development is completed at the age of 7. Therefore, the prominent ear operation can be done from this age. Little kids are cruel. Parents who are concerned about causing any self-esteem problems during the school period can easily do this to their children after the age of 7.

Operation Process

Prominent ear surgery is a mild surgical intervention that could be performed under local anesthesia. The advantage of the local procedure for the patient; When an ear is completed during the process, it is possible to see the result and to compare its personal expectation with the result. For small children who think they cannot remain calm under local anesthesia, the procedure can also be performed under the general anesthesia or deep sleep.

After a prominent ear treatment, the ear is wrapped with a tight bandage. After dressing the next day, this bandage is replaced with a tennis tape and the band is required to use for a certain period of time. During this period, the patient must regularly use the tennis tape, protect it from impacts such as bending the ear, and sleep in the back position for a while. The healing period in prominent ear aesthetics is painless and comfortable and social life is not affected.

In a healthy environment, the success of the ear treatment is inevitable surgical procedure made by a good physician and the healing procedure applied by the conscious patient.