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And after a long period of healthy nutrition, you have reached the weight you imagined. We congratulate you. You met your old high school friends again. Everyone's saying how weak you are. You're very happy. Your meeting is over. You've farewell your friends by hand shaking. There is only one problem your arms act without permission and independently when waving your arms...


Yes, one of the side effects of giving the weight you want is the hanging of the arms. Many methods such as Dermaroller, cavitation, IPG or even fitness have been tested for this problem. It is partially successful. But brachioplasty operation is conducted in case when these are insufficient.  


Under general anesthesia incision in the form of L is made. It directs to internal surface of elbow from armpit. Tissues are loosened and excess tissue is cut and removed. The cutting is sutured aesthetically and a special corset is worn and operation is finished. Stitches are removed on the 12th day. One month later all activities including sport is allowed.