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I've tried to put together all you wonder about revision rhinoplasty in this article. Rhinoplasty is the name of the initiative that we have applied most often in plastic surgery today. The fact that it is being applied so often does not always mean that the right procedures are applied.

Aesthetic is a personal interpretation


Also, the limits of like of the person who requested the rhinoplasty surgery may not overlap with the limits of like of the physician performing this surgery, so you can think of it as follows. Do you think that anyone who passes by likes a painting worth nearly 250 million dollars in the walls of the Louvre Museum?


Absolutely not. Actually, I can assume that this rate is 50-50%. But the ones who don't like it also says this i my taste and of course it has a value in the artistic sense.

I'm not talking about the defects and deformities that occur after rhinoplasty. A poorly made rhinoplasty can really be a problem. However, it is very possible to like a part of the "artistic” sense of rhinoplasty, which is smooth, careful and preserving the tissue and not liking the rest.

A nose aesthetic that has been properly made can be held in many storms during the healing process. Smoking, infection, small or big blows, nose drug use, heavy glasses or mask usage may also disrupt the healing process.

Breathing disorders that occur after rhinoplasty

After surgeries that satisfy the person in aesthetic sense, breathing disorders can arise. There are 3 main reasons for this. First, after each nasal surgery, the deteriorating………