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In case of loosening of face depending on time, wrinkles in the forehead area and deep lines and low eyebrows may be visible.

Sometimes these lines may be too loose that Botox may not be sufficient to eliminate such lines. Low eyebrows give a person a lifeless and tired appearance. A more youthful expression is aimed by creating a smooth and stretched skin surface by means of forehead lifting surgery.

I often prefer to use the endoscopic technique in forehead lift surgeries. With an incision made from the place where the scalp starts immediately, we progress within the forehead skin with a micro instrument equipped with an endoscopic camera. In this process, because the surgeon sees the inside, the possibility of damage to the nerve tissues is minimized.

Endoscopic forehead lift surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. The patient should be hospitalized overnight. Patient is discharged the next day and he overcomes the recovery period with comfortably and easily with the pain killer. Sometimes "eyebrow lifting " operation can be added to the forehead lift surgeries. In such cases, eyebrows are positioned where they should be. A more open look, a younger and tighter facial expression is captured after the recovery period.