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Under the eye, the apparent hump extending towards the temple is called the cheekbone region' It is a very important aesthetic unit that adds 

meaning and beauty to the face. An ideal cheekbone should be more prominent than the cheek. In fact, I describe the relationship of the cheek bone to the cheeks 'like chest and waist'


An apparent cheekbone shows the person more feminine and youthful. Thanks to the cheekbone, the face carries the makeup even better.

Two different methods, temporary and permanent, can be applied to make apparent this region.

What I'm talking about as a temporary method is fillings. With the injection of hyaluronic acid, also known as fat injection or collagen, this region can be very quickly apparent. It is one of the 'Lunch break' methods of plastic surgery due to its fast and practical process.


The permanent method is to put an implant in this region. Implants such as silicone or medpor are placed in the region with an incision in the mouth or on the eyelash deep. After a week the stitches are taken and the person can return to normal social life after 10 days. Thus, with an ideal cheekbone, you can capture a much more feminine and youthful expression.