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Although the role of the jaw is often ignored, it is essentially an organ that provides the integrity of the face. The relationship of the jaw to the nose forms the basis of the expression on the face. If we give the jaw a little more apparent, the nose will be much smaller when viewed from the side. There are 2 methods to make the jaw apparent in such cases. 

1. Jaw Aesthetics with filler

2. Jaw Aesthetics with implant

Jaw aesthetics made with filler is a process that is very often demanded, easy to apply with quite successful results. By entering to necessary parts of the jaw with very thin needles, the filler is injected inside, and then the filler is placed with massage according to the curve to be given. The process is mild and painless; the average treatment lasts up to 115 minutes. The effect will continue for 1 year.

Before the jaw filling, I make sure that my patients see the difference by putting the jaw profiles on the side of the photos before and after the procedure. Because you can see the result instantly, the jaw filler patients often prefer filling method rather than implant.

The process performed using the implant is a surgical process. It is performed under general anesthesia with a surgery. A medpor or silicone implant is placed in the jaw tip and fixed to the bone permanently.