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The name of the clitoris is given to the area where the inner and outer labia are joined in the genital area. This structure is the counterpart of corpus cavemosum in men. In other words it looks like male genitals. When stimulated, the spongy structure is filled with blood and swells. It helps to give a feeling of pleasure and arousal during sexual intercourse due to the intense nerve endings around it.

This tissue is covered with skin and vaginal tissues either structurally or for reasons such as birth, old age. In such cases, the clitoris will not be stimulated during coitus (sexual intercourse). In case this structure is anatomically impaired, the problem is resolved with clitoroplasty operation.

Of course, sexuality alone is not a process of coitus. An activity involving the entire body and brain. With this operation alone, you may not be able to enjoy the exact desired. What we do is correct anatomical disorder of this organ.

The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. After the operation, the patient can walk home. Cold application and rest are recommended until two days after surgery. At least a week's sexual diet

is recommended.